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Country Café
Hwy 53 & War Hill ~ Dawsonville, GA

Country Café

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Week of Score Noted Violations
1/15/2016 92-A

Dawson County Environmental Services are no longer supplying comments.

7/9/2015 85-B

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health. Sorry for the inconvenience.

1/8/2015 92-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

7/7/2014 92-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

4/23/2013 95-A

Dawson County Environmental Services are no longer supplying comments.

10/24/2012 82-B

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

4/24/2012 87

Dishes stacked in 3 compartment sink & no sanitizer used when cleaning dishes. Keep sinks clear & set up in order of wash, rinse, & then sanitize. Food on ice at cold bar not held at 41F or less. COS - foods discarded. Will monitor ice & food temperatures more closely per manager.

4/6/2012 72

Employees donning gloves without washing hands & switching food handling tasks from raw foods to ready to eat foods using same gloves. Wash hands before donning gloves & change gloves/rewash hands when changing food handling task. COS - hands washed & new gloves donned. Utensils & pan lid covering handsink, no paper towels at handsink. Keep supplied & accessible. COS - utensils moved & paper towels restocked. Raw foods stored above & beside ready to eat foods in RI cooler. Raw foods being prepared on same table as ready to eat foods at the same time. COS - raw foods stored below & separate from ready to eat foods. Boxes of frozen foods thawing out on table. Packages of chicken, beef & sausage thawing on cutting board. Whole frozen roast thawing on prep table. Fish thawing in bucket of standing water at 64F. COS - foods still below 41F transferred to coolers. Fish in bucket thawed less than one hour per employee, cooked immediately.Foods being cut & prepared on buffet line where no squeeze guard is present, move foods to area in kitchen where protected. Bag of corn meal, sugar, onions, peppers, & potatoes stored on floor. Bag of ice placed on floor. Keep foods at least 6" off of ground. COS - foods moved. No sanitizer buckets set up to store wiping cloths. Cloths out on counter tops & prep tables. COS - buckets prepared, cloths submerged.

3/14/2012 100


Piedmont Mountainside Hospital


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