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Paradise Valley Resort & Club
49 Valley Drive ~ Dawsonville, GA 30534


Paradise Valley Resort & Club

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Week of Score Noted Violations
11/19/2015 95-A

Dawson County Environmental Services are no longer supplying comments.

4/30/2015 100-A

11/5/2014 93-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

4/18/2014 96-A

8/21/2012 98-A

Comments not supplied by Dawsonville Environmental Health. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3/29/2012 95

Warewashing machine not dispensing sanitizer >0 ppm chlorine. Adjust to 50 - 100 ppm chlorine. Post copy of most recent inspection in public view where customers can read at a distance of 1' away. Place 5-7' from the ground. Kitchen not open during inspection.

7/21/2011 89

No CFSM certification posted in public view. Previous CFSM no longer here per staff. Grime in tea urn nozzle spouts & interior of ice machine. Food residue on can opener blade. Post permit & inspection in public. Customers must be able to read inspection at a distance of 1' away. Debris in prep sinks, clean out after use especially along seams & corners of sinks. Clean debris in bottoms of RI coolers.

1/21/2011 88

No soap at kitchen handsink & ladies room, handsink. Bulk food containers not labeled, label foods that are transferred from their original containers. Permit & inspection in kitchen, move to public view where they can be read at a distance of 1 foot away.

7/9/2010 86

No paper towels at tiki bar handsink, towel dispenser jammed, cannot access paper towels at kitchen handsink. No soap at kitchen handsink.Grime buildup in tea urn nozzle spouts,no sanitizer registering on test strips at warewashing machine. Bulk food container not labeled,label foods that are transferred from their original containers.Permit & Inspection must be posted in public view,post inspection so can be read at a distance of two feet away.Gauge cove missing on ware washing machine, no detergent dispensing during wash cycle ,machine badly leaks water,needs repaired. Food residue & film on fryer & grill, in sinks and dried tea/sugar on brewing machine. Clean equipment & wipe out sinks,expecially along corners & seams after use.

1/11/2010 84


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