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Sonic Drive-In
6637 Hwy 53 E ~ Dawsonville, GA 30534


Sonic Drive-In

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Week of Score Noted Violations
3/18/2016 84-B

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

3/5/2015 95-A

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

8/29/2014 87-B

12/14/2012 98-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

6/1/2012 92-A

Comments not supplied by Dawson County Environmental Health

12/13/2011 89

Food debris on tomato slicer, veggie press, onion chopper, lemon wedger, cutting board, pans, & hanging utensils. Grime & sour smell on/under cutting board at prep cooler. COS - All items taken to be cleaned & sanitized. Inspection posted for public view is not most recent, post most recent inspection not one with highest grade. Styrofoam cup used as sugar scoop has old food debris. Use a durable scoop designed for repeated ware washing or discard styrofoam cup after every use, intended for single service. Accumulation of food debris & film on interiors and exteriors of coolers. Debris along handles & between equipment. Accumulated residue on shelves, racks, sinks & drain boards. Accumulation of trash & debris under ice machine & cooking, equipment, clean under shelving.

6/8/2011 81

Food residue on tomato slicer, veggie press, onion slicer, hanging utensils & cutting board. Slime along baffle of ice machine. Clean & sanitize. RV. Replace torn & damaged gaskets. Accumulation of debris on gaskets, cooler handles, lower shelves, hot dog knobs, hand sinks, prep sink & exteriors of equipment. Clean. RV. Prep cooler unable to hold foods at 41F or less. COS - items voluntarily discarded or moved to ice. Chili & slaw witheld from sale, voluntarily discarded Drain behind equipment backed up & spilling water onto floor. Back handsink, drain clogged, water potentially spills onto floor. Have plumbing repaired.

5/10/2011 92

Food residue on tomato slicer, veggie press, onion slicer, cutting board, & hanging utensils. Check for cleanliness to sight & touch before storage. RV. Accumulation of film or debris on gaskets, cooler handles, bottom shelves, sinks, & interiors of coolers. Grime/mildew in ice scoop holder. RV

11/18/2010 86

Onion rings & chicken handled with bare hands. COS - hands washed & gloves donned. Food residue on tomato slicer,onion press, veggie chopper, lemon wedger. Mildew on cutting boards, clean & sanitize, allow to completely air dry before laying flat. Mildew on seals along warewashing area, prep sink, cooler interiors, & racks. Accumulation of debris or film along front drain board, cooler bottoms, handles, & sides. Mildew in ice scoop holder.

5/5/2010 85

Mildew in big ice maker/water standing on prep cooler door to ice machine.Cold temps not 41F or below.(Repeat) General cleaning around cook oven area and sink area needed.

11/23/2009 96


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