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Johnny's New York Style Pizza
355 Quill Dr, Ste 100 ~ Dawsonville, GA 30534


Johnny's New York Style Pizza


Week of Score Noted Violations
3/24/2016 84-B

Comments not provided by Dawson Environmental Health

3/12/2015 90-A

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

9/12/2014 91-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

3/13/2014 94

Comments not provided by Dawson Environmental Health

1/8/2013 97-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

6/5/2012 89-B

Comments not supplied by Dawson County Environmental Health

5/29/2012 70

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

12/6/2011 90

No CFSM on staff. Squeeze bottles stored on container of lettuce in prep cooler. Outsides of squeeze bottles not intended to contact foods. COS - bottles moved. Need chlorine test strips for ware washing machine. Need quat test strips for wiping buckets. Cove base missing at WI cooler. Continue sealing cracks & gaps in floor.

6/9/2011 92

Back handsink blocked with trash cans & stacked dough pans. No paper towels provided at sink. COS - Handsink made accessible & supplied. Wiping cloths sitting out on shelf & countertop. COS - fresh sanitizer bucket prepared & cloths stored submerged in solution. Continue repairing cove base at ware washing machine, seams in cement floor, & wall/floor at WI cooler.

5/5/2011 89

Pizza prep cooler not maintaining foods at 41F or less. Has history of not maintaining proper temperatures. Provide an invoice showing unit has received new parts/repair or replace unit. All foods must maintain 41F or less in unit. Wipe out sinks & exterior of equipment. Repair worn seams & pits on floor so no food/debris can collect in pockets & crevices. Seal floor so easily cleanable. Repair walls & cove base.

3/31/2011 95

Use a consistant date labeling system or mark food items with distinct "discard" or "prep" dates to determine use of date on foods. Replace torn & damaged gaskets on prep cooler. Repair warewashing gauge, need quat test strips if using quat sanitizer. Clean & sanitize prep sinks after use. Food residue in vegetable prep sink.

3/1/2011 72

Employee touching pizza out of the oven with bare hands. Must maintain no bare hand contact with ready to eat foods. COS. Prep cooler cannot maintain foods at 41F or less. COS - foods out of temperature discarded. Cooler needs repaired or replaced if needing to unplug unit to "thaw" on regular basis. RV. Multiple spray bottles not labeled. Keep chemicals labeled. Employees handling & assembling foods must wear a hair restraint. COS - hat donned. RV. Keeping wiping cloths stored submerged in sanitizer solution between uses, do not leave out on countertops, sink ledges, or cutting boards. COS - cloths placed in solution.

1/4/2011 95

Employee handling/assembling foods must have a hair restraint. COS - hat worn. No sanitizer registering on test strips for buckets. COS - Chlorine added to 100 ppm per manager. Keep personal belonging (keys, cell phone) away from food prep & storage areas. COS - items moved.

12/21/2010 65

No CFSM on staff. Drinks must be in single service cups with tight fitting lids & straws. Keep foods covered (pepper container on rack). Debris under & along holes on prep cutting board. Food residue on can opener. Check food contact surfaces for cleanliness to sight & touch before storage or reuse. Prep cooler lower compartment not holding foods at 41F or less. WI cooler not maintaining foods at 41F or less. Foods removed from lower compartment at prep cooler. Thermostate to WI cooler readjusted per owner. Some foods missing date labels, have multiple date labels, or incorrect date labels.Keep a single date label on foods kept over 24 hours & discard after a maximum of 7 days. Employees handling & assembling unwrapped foods must have a hair restraint. No sanitizer registering on test strips for sanitizer buckets. Keep cloth fully submerged in sanitizer between not leave in sinks, out on table tops, or cutting boards.Keep 6" off ground. Inspection posted in customer view from 4/8/2009. Keep most recent inspection posted 15' from primary door, 5' - 7' from the ground & can be read at a distance of 1' away.Replace damaged/missing cove base,accumulation of debris on floor, keep clean.

6/10/2010 75


(Repeat) Cold temp out at prep cooler.Washing machine temp not reading 140F.(Repeat) back door does not close shut.Place ice scoops in protective containers or in ice with handles up.(Repeat) no sanitizer in wiping cloth bucket.(Repeat) No serve safe person on staff.(Repeat)Cold Temps out at prep coolers. Much improved housekeeping.

6/2/2010 62

Prep table damaged. Spillage in flour container.(Repeat) Top of flour container split.Paper towels out at hand sink in kitchen prep area.Fly strip over 3 compartment sink.Keep back door shut.Ice maker mildewed.Use scoop for ice/not cup/no gloves for lemon slices.Dirty wiping cloths not in sanitizer.Ice maker - pink mildew.(Repeat)Vegetable prep sink missing.(Repeat) No serve safe trained person on staff.Improper ice bath,prep coolers not cooling to proper temperatures.Date mark all items.Cold temps out at both prep coolers.

12/16/2009 77

12/3/2009 45


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