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Chin Chin Chinese Restaurant
837 Hwy 400 S, Ste 115 ~ Dawsonville, GA 30534


Chin Chin Chinese Restaurant

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Week of Score Noted Violations
3/9/2016 86-B

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

8/13/2015 77-A

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

2/5/2015 83-B

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

8/8/2014 86-B

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

10/12/2012 91-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

8/21/2012 78-C

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health. Sorry for the inconvenience.

2/16/2012 90

Drain board & table surfaces not getting cleaned & sanitized after in contact with raw shrimp and chicken falling out of containers. Plastic wrap & clean containers placed on same surface. Clean & sanitize equipment & utensils after preparing raw meats to prevent potential cross contamination. Egg rolls & bell peppers stored beside raw beef in WI cooler. Keep raw animal foods stored below & separate from ready to eat foods. Raw chicken at cookline must be stored below ready to eat rice noodles on cart. COS - items moved or cleaned/sanitized.Avoid storing cleavers in crack between prep cooler & shelf or table. These areas cannot be easily cleaned & sanitized. Keep handle end of scoops stored above foods in bulk food containers. COS - cleaver cleaned & sanitized & scoops moved. Avoid using single service utensils to store foods & repeated use. Containers not durable & designed for repeated warewashing.

9/6/2011 91

Prep cooker not maintaining foods at 41F or less. Withold from sale. COS - manager called maintenance & on the way. Foods discarded per manager & foods placed on ice at 41F until unit repaired.

7/28/2011 76

Employee rinsed hands under running water at veggie sink & dried hands on apron before handling food. Use designated handwashing sink using soap & paper towels when washing hands. COS - employee retrained & washed hands. Snow peas being destemed by servers with bare hands. COS - employee retrained to wash hands & don gloves before touchng peas. Foods uncovered in coolers. Nuts, noodles, & spices uncovered on shelves along cook line. Keep foods covered to protect from potential contamination. Raw chicken being placed in pan sitting on wire rack above uncovered rice noodles. COS - foods covered. Accumulation of dried food debris on slicer, veggie peelers, choppers & knives. Clean to sight & touch before storage or reuse. COS - items taken to be cleaned. Foods on tops of line coolers not held at 41F or less, with hold from sale. Tubs of raw meat sitting in 3 compartment sink above 41F.

2/10/2011 90

Foods stored in WI cooler uncovered. Check foods for lids or covers before storing. RV, COS. Food debris on chopper & slicer. Check for food debris to sight & touch before storage or reuse. RV. Wiping cloths out on tables. Cloths stuffed in sanitizer buckets above sanitizer level. No sanitizer registering on sanitizer bucket test strips. Store cloths fully submerged in sanitizing solution between uses. RV, COS. Veggies must be washed & prepared in designated vegetable sink. Employee washing areas with sprayer at ware washing sink. Collander of cabbage at four compartment sink. COS.

12/28/2010 71

Raw animal foods stored beside ready to eat foods. Minimum cook temperature meats/eggs stored out of order in WI cooler. Store foods in descending order of ready to eat foods followed by raw animal foods with lowest internal cook temperature to highest internal cook temperature. Tubs of raw beef & chicken sitting on drain boards of four compartment sink. Noodles being washed in last compartment contaminated with raw chicken, withhold noodles from sale. Cover foods stored in WI & prep coolers. Food debris on slicer blade & attachments. Food residue on chopper, knives, cleaver, & veggie shredder.Check food debris to sight & touch before storage or reuse. No foods date labeled,date mark foods kept over 24 hours & discard after a maximum of 7 days. Food stored on floor of WI freezer, Keep 6" off of ground. Need splash guards at veggie sink & handsinks. Wiping cloths out on tables & cutting boards. Keep submerged in sanitizer between uses. No sanitizer buckets set up. Post signage at designated handwashing sinks. Cleaver stored between prep cooler & table. Keep stored where surface is routinely cleaned & sanitized. Cutting boards stored on dirty faucets & subject to splash. Caked on residue on warewashing machine racks.Keep free of accumulated residue. Debris along floor/wall juncture & under equipment, clean frequently & thoroughly.

12/15/2009 83


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