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Billies Country Kitchen
731 Hwy 9 North ~ Dawsonville, GA 30534


Billies Country Kitchen

Monday & Saturday


Week of Score Noted Violations
1/21/2016 91-A

Dawson County Environmental Services are no longer supplying comments.

7/15/2015 88-B

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health. Sorry for the inconvenience.

1/14/2015 92-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

7/16/2014 90-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

11/27/2012 83-B

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

5/11/2012 93

Need hot water at the meat & veggie prep sinks. Repair plumbing so water does not spill onto floor when washing hands at kitchen handsink(RV).Clean under/behind equipment more frequently & thoroughly. Shield lights throughout kitchen. Repair lid to freezer chest, duct tape not easily cleanable & can harbor debris. Defrost chest so lid tightly closes. Clean handles of coolers. Post copy of inspection in drive thru (RV)

11/22/2011 91

Pans must be washed, rinsed & sanitized before being put back. Inspection posted in public view is not most recent. Post most recent inspection in dining room & drive thru.Accumulation of food debris on boxes & bottom shelf of prep tables. Debris in bottom of prep cooler & sinks. Water flows into floor when using handsink. Repair plumbing to promote hand washing practices.

6/3/2011 83

Prep cooler & RI cooler not maintaining foods at 41F or less for cold holding. COS - Foods with held from sale, voluntarily discarded. Mildew & debris on interior of WI cooler door. Clean accumulation of debris on shelving & sides of sanitizer buckets. Clean prep sinks after use. Ants at front handsink & flies in kitchen. Great improvement repairing back door to prevent pest entry. Need to check all windows for gaps & holes at screens. Recommend fan at drive thru window. Thermometers missing, broken, or not calibrated in coolers & freezers. Will replace all thermometers today per manager.

12/21/2010 94

Mildew along door of WI cooler. Keep outside of container & ground around grease container clean, clean up grease spills. Remove unused equipment from storage area. Gaps under back door,door does not fully self close. Repair so tight fitting & properly self closing where latches in place.

6/22/2010 94

No sanitizer registering on test strips for kitchen bucket.Keep stored off floor & keep clean from food & grease residue.Card board&carpeted rug not approved for flooring in food service area, removed per manager.Shelving at dry storage&outsides of bulk food containers have accumulation of debris.Keep outside&ground around grease containers clean,clean up grease spills.Clean floors under shelving&all the way to floor/wall juncture more frequently & thoroughly.Remove unused equipment&items from food prep&storage areas to allow for easier cleaning.

12/3/2009 94


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