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Best Western
76 North Georgia Ave ~ Dawsonville, GA 30534


Best Western

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Week of Score Noted Violations
6/16/2016 87-B

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5/27/2015 95-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

11/19/2014 85-B

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

6/20/2014 74-C

1/17/2013 90-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

7/25/2012 82-B

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

5/10/2012 90

Employee drinking from open cup in kitchen. Coffee cup on counter in kitchen. Keep employee drinks in single service cups with tight fitting lids and straws. COS-cups removed from kitchen. Handsink has egg crate & items stacked inside. Keep sink empty & accessible to promote good handwashing practices. COS - sink cleaned. Utensils dried with a cloth. Allow utensils to air dry. COS rewashed & air dried. Accumulation of debris on shelves/gaskets of fridge. Coffee & food spills in cabinets of self service area. Wipe down surfaces routinely. Utensils either rinsed or washed off & dried. COS Employee retrained to clean utensils in order of wash, rinse, then sanitize in 3 compartment sink.

11/29/2011 96

No paper towels in mens' restroom. COS - restocked.

5/17/2011 95

Utensils being scrubbed, rinsed & put away. Set up 3 compartment sink & clean utensils in order of wash, rinse, sanitize, then air dry. COS - sinks set up. Need test strips to check sanitizer concentration.

11/23/2010 95

Need food probe thermometer. Ordered per manager.Need individually wrapped coffee stirrers or in a dispenser. Dispensers ordered per manager. Need sanitizer test strips. Ordered per manager.

11/19/2010 67

Need CFSM on staff. Keep hand sink supplied with soap & paper towels. Foods at customer self service must be discarded at end of breakfast if not commercially wrapped/packaged. Cream cheese packets cold held at 55F. Foods must maintain 41F or less for cold holding. Post inspection in public view. Must be 5 - 7' from the ground & be read at a distance of 1' away.

5/24/2010 76

Paper towels out at hand sink.No sanitizer for equipment wash and sanitizing.Single service plates and bowls with food surface up.Plastic spoons,forks, knives food surface standing up.No serve safe documentation report.Cold storage and holding temps out.

11/19/2009 77


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