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Hibachi Grill
66 South 400 Center Lane, Unit 165 ~ Dawsonville, GA 30534


Hibachi Grill

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Week of Score Noted Violations
8/2/2012 85-B

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

2/7/2012 84

Food debris & residue on pans & containers. Clean to sight & touch before storage or reuse. Rice cooling in WI in insulated rice cooker at 48F. Please food in shallow pan for cooling. COS - rice discarded per manager. Post copy of most recent inspection in public view where customer can read at 1' away.

1/13/2012 62

Employee handling raw chickent & changing food handling taks without washing hands. Employees not using soap when washing hands. COS - Manager instructed employee to properly wash hands, hands washed. Raw chicken piled up on prep tables in contact with containers, cutting boards, fixed equipment & potentially dripping onto clean utensils stored below tables. Tables not properly cleaned & sanitized after chicken prepared. COS - Trained manger & employees to properly clean & sanitize surfaces in contact with raw chicken. Surfaces properly cleaned. Containers of food uncovered in coolers. COS - foods covered. Food residue on utensils on air drying rack. COS - Utensils taken to be rewashed by manager. Shrimp thawing in standing water. COS - food below 41F cooked immediately for use. Containers of food prepared/stored on floor. 5 gallon bucket used to press & drain slaw in pan on floor.Grease & food debris floating in sanitizer buckets. Keep chlorine between 50 - 100 ppm. Cloths stored in bucket with no sanitizer. COS - fresh buckets prepared & cloths submerged. Potatoes cut & peeled before being washed. COS - potatoes washed at vegetable sink. Back door needs repaired so tight fitting to frame, repair gap along bottom.

12/20/2011 75

Employees switching tasks from cleaning to handling food without washing hands. Wash hands before handling foods & when donning gloves. COS - Hands washed. Employees chopping & touching carrots & celery with bare hands. Must maintain no bare hand contact with ready to eat foods. COS - utensils used. Buckets of foods with no lids/covers in kitchen. COS - food covered. Accumulation of food debris on cutting boards, pans, & knives. Clean to sight and touch. Clean slime debris behind baffle of ice machine & mold under lids of food buckets. Shrimp thawing at room temperature, use an approved method. COS - Shrimp still below 41F & transferred to cooler. No sanitizer registering on test strips for sanitizer buckets. Grease & food debris floating in solution. COS - Fresh buckets prepared.Scoops stored in standing water & submerged in foods. Keep handle end stored out of foods & water must be 135F or above or in runing water. COS - scoops removed per manager. Single service items should be discarded after use, not designed for repeated warewashing. COS - single service discarded per manager. Accumulation of food residue on bulk food containers, interiors/exteriors of coolers/equipment, area under hibachi grill & shelving. Bottom shelves of prep tables are rusted & in poor repair. Remove/replace shelves. Accumulation of food/trash on back steps & parking area. Accumulation of trash/debris along floor/wall juncture of kitchen under equipment & at server stations. Dead reoaches & egg casing found in kitchen. Back door needs repaired so tight fitting to frame, repair gap along bottom.

11/29/2011 87

Follow-up. Sushi cooler holding foods above 41F. COS - Manager volunteered to discard. Will discontinue use of cooler until repaired. Foods on ice at cold bar must maintain 41F or less. Manager to discard within 6 hours of set out. Foods hot held on buffet must maintain a minimum of 135F. COS - Manager volunteered to discard. Repair hot water in kitchen so available at faucet handles of 3 compartment, veggie, meat, & handsink. Repair so faucets do not leak. Continue the great improvements with maintaining kitchen cleanliness.

10/27/2011 83

Foods on buffet for cold holding must be 41F or less. COS - foods to be discarded after 4 hrs. No record keeping or labels for foods using time as a control. Foods not to be returned to cooler if using time as a control. COS - Foods to be discarded after 4 hrs. from being pulled from cooler. No sanitizer registering on test strips in sanitizer buckets. Soil floating in buckets. Keep sanitizer buckets clean. COS - fresh solution prepared at 100 ppm. Shrimp set in veggie sink. COS Shrimp removed. Use sink for fruit & veggies only. Back door propped open. Flies present in kitchen. Keep screen door closed to help prevent fly entry. Repair gap at bottom of screen door.

9/15/2011 82

Sushi being kept cold overnight for reuse. Foods that have time as a control must be discarded after 4 or 6 hours. Sushi must be discarded after 4 hours. COS - discarded. Inspection posted for public view is not most recent & cannot be read at a distance of 2' away. Accumulation of food residue in ice display pans at hibachi & cold buffet. COS - cleaned. Trash, grease & food debris on back steps & driving area behind building. Mop water dumped on ground. Use mop sink for disposing mop water & keep area clean. Grease & debris under equipment at cook line. COS - cleaned up. 3 live roaches observed. Major decrease of roaches observed since previous inspections. Continuing bi-weekly pest control with a certified pest control operator per manager. *No foods cooked or prepared during inspection.

8/23/2011 80

Permit conditionally re-instated. Slime in interior of ice machine. Roach on food contact surface of prep table. Dead roaches inside rice cooker. COS - surfaces cleaned & sanitized. Expired cottage cheese & dressings. COS - foods discarded per manager. Non potable water dripping onto open bag of carrots in WI cooler - COS - carrots discarded per manager. Accumulation of debris on interiors of coolers: racks, walls, & bottoms (especially in corners). Grease on cook line top & on sides of equipment. Debris washed down steps & accumulation in back parking area. Debris under soda machine at wait station. Dead roaches & debris along floor wall juncture & under shelving. Roaches, still in establishment, majority are babies & many roaches observed are dead. One adult on prep table & babies on shelf at sushi area & babies at prep & sushi cooler only live roaches observed.

8/16/2011 64

8/8/2011 63

8/5/2011 62

Details may be obtained at Dawson Co. Env. Health office.

8/4/2011 64

Accumulation of food residue on handles of front hand sink. No soap of paper rowels at two hand sinks. Keep properly stocked & handles clean. Dead & alive roaches in bulk food, parts of roaches in bulk food (sugar, spices, flour). Discard all bulk foods that are not commercially sealed. Canned food dented along seal, discard damaged can or return to supplier. Roaches crawling on food contact surfaces of equipment, tables, & utensils. Accumulated food debris on utensils & food contact cutting boards & table tops. Remove all debris to sight & touch & sanitize surfaces. Clean interiors of bulk food containers. Many foods in coolers missing date labels, discard foods with unknown prep dates & discard foods kept over 7 days. Inspection posted for public view is not most recent. Post most recent inspection where customers can read at a distrance of 1' away. Puddling water at bottom of sushi prep cooler, needs repaired. Accumulation of food debris between prep coolers, along interiors & exteriors of coolers in gaskets, on shelves, racks & non food coated surfaces of equipment. Clean exteriors of bulk food containers. Accumulation of grease & debris in back area of building. Keep clean.Accumulation of debris on floors & walls, Keep clean. Roaches still present throughout establishment, on tables, equipment, sionks, walls, containers, shelves, floors, & drain boards.

4/28/2011 83

Food debris & residue on stored pans. Food residue on insides of bulk food containers. Check Food Contact surfaces for cleanliness to sight & touch. Post most recent inspection in public view where customers can read at a distance of 1' away. Scoops stored submerged in foods, keep handle end stored out of foods. Do not store in use use scoops in standing water. Keep dry or in water 135F or more for scooping rice. Utensils wet nested, allow to completely air dry before stacking. Large bowl mixer & food chopper stored with standing water, invert to allow to air dry. Tape on handles of cleavers. Use materials that are durable and cleanable for utensils, tape harbors debris & residue, discontinue use. Clean interiors of prep coolers. Clean accumulating of debris in crack between prep coolers. Clean lids & outsides of bulk food containers. Clean under racks & equipment in back storage room. Soda syrup station & kitchen area clean all the way to floor/wall juncture. Roaches present throughout establishment, continue professional pest control treatments.

4/13/2011 91

Clean and sanitize table tops, cutting boards, inside tops of rice steamer, ice machines. Bottom shelves of s/s tables: are rusted & poor repair. Repair/replace within 6 months. Much improements made in cleaning. However, grease residues do remain on exhaust hood & equipment under ex. hood. Clean exhaust chimney. Replacing dishwasher. Broken temp device on D.W. Behind restaurant. Residues on parking lot. Repair broken ceiling tiles. Repair light in W.I. freezer. Roaches present in kitchen. Flies in kitchen. Repair rear screen door to prevent flies/insect entry. Repair faucet in restroom. Other handsink.

10/5/2010 75

Food contact prep tables not being washed & sanitized after preparing raw shrimp on tables & switching to new food prep tasks on table. Hot held foods on buffet must be maintained at a minimum of 135F. With hold from sale.Cold held foods on buffet & in coolers must be held at 41F or less. With hold from sale.Log to track sushi rice must be maintained & rice cannot be used if exceeding 4 hours. Need a food probe thermometer.Boxes of sweeteners & ice cream cones must be stored at least 6" off of ground. Wiping cloths out on counter tops & cutting borads, keep submerged in sanitizer solution between uses. Eggs being prepped in sink dedicated to fruits & vegetables only. Post most recent inspection in public view where it can be read at a distance of 1 foot away. Boxes of meat thawing at room temperature,use approved thawing methods. Items still under 41F & transferred to cooler.

8/24/2010 71

No one designated as PIC,need an employee present at all times who ensures compliance including but not limited to proper sanitizing & maintaining food temperatures.Jars of spices without lids on shelf,no lids on tubs of bulk foods beside WI freezer.Many containers of food uncovered in multiple coolers & freezers.Must keep foods covered when stored.Black slime mold behind baffles of both ice machines.Food contact prep tables not being washed & sanitized after preparing raw shrimp on tables.Scoops encrusted with food debris sitting on spice shelf.Ware washing machine not dispensing sanitizer properly,no registering on test strips.Foods not being maintained at 41F or less on cold buffet,RI coolers & line coolers.Withold from sale.No record or written log made to track sushi rice,must have time log if desire to use time as a control.No foods date labled.Must date label potentially hazardous ready to eat foods kept over 2 hours & discard after a maximum of 7 days.Pans of food stored on floor in WI cooler,keep at least 6" off of ground.Water dripping onto beans & cabbage stored under condenser in WI cooler,move foods.Ice & water collecting on box of fish in WI freezer, do not store foods below leaky condensers.Cones must be dispensed from ice cream cone dispenser & not set out stacked on a tray at customer self service..Employee rinsing raw shrimp in sink designated for vegetable use only.Cleaver stored in crack between line coolers,do not store utensils in places that cannot be routinely cleaned & sanitized.Cutting board stored on floor leaning against ice machine,pans & utensils stacked wet nested. Additional information available at Environmental Health office.

7/1/2010 95


Keep accurate thermometers in all coolers & freezers.Plastic wrap used to hold handle & bladeof knife together,cannot use materials that harbor cracks & pockets for moisture & food residue.Must be able to withstand repeated ware washing. Replace broken gauges & check for calibration at ware washing machine.Need quat test strips.Clean accumulation of residue in gaskets & around handles of RI/prep coolers. Repair damaged wall & missing cove base under 3 compartment sink.Surface should be cleanible & not harbor or pocket moisture.

6/29/2010 90


Food residue on pans & utensils, check for cleanliness to sight & touch before storage.Water dripping onto dressing containers&containers of foods in WI cooler.Wiping cloths out on counter tops, keep submerged in sanitizer solution between uses.Change sanitizer solution when food debris&grease present.Pans stocked wet nested,allow utensils to completely air dry before stacking.Repair water dripping from ceilings in WI cooler& freezer, prep cooler, & RI coolers.Need quat test strips if using quat sanitizer.Repair broken gauge & check for calibration at ware washing machine.Clean floors all the way to floor/wall juncture.Repair broken/missing tiles around WI freezer& at 3 compartment sink,clean under shelves & corners in WI. Need light to see back aisle in WI cooler.

6/25/2010 65

Employee must wash hands after handling raw beef and switching to new tasks(washing dishes).Drinks must be single service cups w/tight fitting lids&straws.Foods stored in coolers must be covered.Sanitizer not dispensing at ware washing machine,no sanitizer registering on test strips at 3 compartment sink,slime mold in ice machines.Coolers&cold bar unable to maintain foods at 41F or less.Bins of meat thawing on floor at room temperatures,use approved methods for thawing(in cooler,under cold running water, etc.)Container of milk stored in ice machine,ice designated for drinking¬ for display only.Boxes of food on floor in WI freezer.Bucket of sauce on floor in kitchen.Water driping onto peas in RI cooler.Water dripping onto foods in WI freezer.Knives stored between cutting boards on prep tables, do not store utensils in areas&crevices that cannot be leaned.Pans stacked wet nested,allow utensils to completely air dry before stacking.Need quat test strips if using quat sanitizer,repair broken gauge &check for calibration at ware washing machine.Shelves,racks,ceilings,walls, fan guards,&bottoms of coolers dirty.Handles &gaskets have debris on coolers.Clean floors under shelving&all the way to floor/wall juncture,repair broken&missing tiles around WI freezer&at WI cooler door.Need adequate lighting in WI cooler, cannot see back aisle in cooler.Need to replace bulbs in prep coolers.

12/30/2009 83

12/21/2009 43


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