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Fajita Grill 2
384 Highway 53 E ~ Dawsonville, GA 30534


Fajita Grill 2


Week of Score Noted Violations
5/20/2016 91-A

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3/18/2016 75-C

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

4/10/2015 91-A


Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

3/11/2015 91-A

Comments not supplied by Dawson Environmental Health Department

9/5/2014 90-A

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

7/9/2014 79-C

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

3/25/2013 91-A

Dawson County Environmental Services are no longer supplying comments.

8/16/2012 80-B

Dawson Environmental Health is not supplying comments.

6/7/2012 79-C

Comments not supplied by Dawson County Environmental Health

11/15/2011 86

Keep covers on foods stored in coolers & out on tables. Cups on toaster oven need protected from potential cantamination. Keep foods (box of lettuce, wings) stored at least 6" off floor. Pests present in kitchen. Continue routine pest control & keep foods tightly sealed/closed to help prevent a food source.

10/25/2011 73

Kitchens' only handsink not easily accessible, move ice machine & freezer chest to allow employees accessibility to handsink. Many foods uncovered in coolers Provide lids or covers on foods when stored. Debris in drink gun. Warewashing machine not dispensing sanitizer, manager called repair service, on their way. Keep foods hot held at a minimum of 135. COS chese dip hot held less than 2 hours reheated to 165F. Pans of chicken, beans & ground beef between 46 - 53F. cooling overnight in cooler. Ensure foods cool from 135 to 70F in 2 hrs. & from 70F to 41F in 4 hrs. (6 hrs total). COS food witheld from sale.Foods being prepared & stored in buckets on floor, pan of food stored on trash can. COS - foods moved 6" off floor & away from potential contamination. Beef thawing on drainboard at room temperature. Use approved thawing method. COS beef placed in cooler.Employees preparing foods need hair restraints. Many cloths out on counter tops & tied to aprons. Store cloths used for wiping surfaces submerged in sanitizer between uses. Pests present in kitchenWash all utensils at end of day & avoid leaving a food source (ie dity dishes) out overnight to help rid pests.

4/21/2011 82

Employee preparing/handling cooked chips with bare hands. Maintain no bare hand contact with ready to eat foods. COS - employee washed hands & donned gloves.Food residue on slicer blade, food debris on pans & containers. Debris in bottom of tub holding clean utensils. COS - Items taken to be cleaned & sanitized. Keep containers/tubs of food at least 6" off floor when prepared & stored. COS - foods moved off floor. Many cloths out on countertops, cutting boards, & tied to aprons. Store cloths used for wiping surfaces stored submurged in sanitizer between uses. COS - Bucket setup. Accumulation of standing water, grime, & debris along floor in bar area, behind RI server cooler, & WI cooler. Clean frequently.

10/14/2010 94

Boxes of produce & cheese on floor of WI cooler. Keep food stored a minimum of 6" off the floor. Accumulation of grease on grease container, grease on ground along side of building, needs cleaned. Close doors to dumpster after taking out trash.

9/23/2010 70

Employees must wash hands before donning gloves. Check food contact surfaces for cleanliness to sight & touch before storage. Slime behind baffle of ice machine. Foods must be reheated to 165F throughout for hot holding 135F or more. COS-Beans reheated to 171F & held at a minimum of 135F on steam table. Keep containers of food at least 6" off of floor when preped & stored. Keep wiping cloths stored submerged in sanitizing solution.Use durable scoops for handling/scooping bulk foods. Repair/replace rusted table at warewashing machine,prevent bottom shelf from puddling water. Keep outsides of bulk food containers clean. Keep lids to dumpster closed,clean up grease on grease containers & ground. Clean exterior hood vent system to prevent grease from spilling down the side of the building.

5/13/2010 77

(Repeat) Prep cooler food uncovered.Food out of temp.Ice baths not sufficient to maintain 41F and below temp.Globe for light bulb in cooler(Repeat).Self closing back door.Mildew in ice machine in waitress station.

5/6/2010 63

Hole in ceiling in kitchen.General cleaning needed.Food uncovered in cooler,prep cooler, walk in cooler, and freezer.Microwave dirty,damaged.Dirty knives stored on magnet strip on wall.Dirty wiping cloths not in sanitizer.Food being slowly heated to tmperature.No light shield in cooler.No self closer on back door,screen damaged.Ice machine dirty.Bagged ice stored in ice machine with ready to use ice.Foods stored in nonlabeled containers.Personal items stored with food.Lemons stored with sliverware.No sanitizer in dishwasher.

11/3/2009 91


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